Detail of Tello Oklahoma Unions poster

Detail of Tello Oklahoma Unions poster – click image for full artwork

Laborfest was honored in 201 when, as part of the inaugural Laborfest poster contest, one of Oklahoma’s most notable visual artists, Carlos Tello, contributed a work, and then went even further to do a live mural painting during the festival that year.

This year, we are very pleased to be able to feature Carlos’ work on our poster and t-shirts for the 2011 Laborfest. The poster’s bold colors and strong statement about the diversity, strength and power of Oklahoma workers is the perfect image to convey what Laborfest is all about.

We are very grateful to an artist whose work graces the State Capitol, museums and prestigious art galleries to contribute so personally and generously to our populist event. It communicates his values as strongly as does his artwork.